Maggie Beer

February 28, 2017

My Mother made beautiful scones and I am always trying to replicate them. So how do you get your scones perfect everytime? Here are a few of my top tips!

  1. Don't handle the mixture anymore than is necessary
  2. Use the coolest part of your hands (your fingertips) to rub the butter in
  3. Always use a corkscrew motion when cutting scones with a ring cutter
  4. Perhaps my best tip when it comes to scone baking is to ensure you have a hot oven - a hot oven shocks the dough into action
  5. Always bake on the middle shelf to avoid burnt bottoms

Now all you need to do is pop the kettle on and get baking! And if you haven't a recipe of your own, here's mine!

Scones with Apricot Jam


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