Maggie Beer

Maggie's Kitchen Essentials

February 14, 2017

Want to know what kitchen essentials Maggie can't live without? Then keep on reading....

East/West knife - I use mine all the time. If you can only justify have one great cook’s knife, then I recommend getting an East/West knife that feels right in your hand.

Espresso machine - does that even need explanation? If you speak to me before my first espresso of the day, and then again after (provided it’s a great pour) you may find the conversation completely different!

A good apron - one that really covers all the parts of you that food is likely to drop onto. I have one that wraps all the way around me! And it has pockets for my glasses and phone too, two things I am always misplacing!

A really good, really tough food processor - I can’t believe I still rely on my old Oscar, but it just keeps going and although there’s every opportunity to upgrade I think a great machine with the kind of resilience my Oscar has should never be undervalued.


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